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About Me

My name is Cathy Lea. There is no last name. I have seen my share of fun and not-so-fun parts of life and decided I didn't need a last name anymore. If Cher can get away with it so can I!

My Cancer Story

I am a breast cancer survivor and have chronicled my journey to share my hard earned lessons along the way. You can also contact me if you want more information. I am happy to share this part of my life as I hope to be an inspiration for others who are living with the disease.


I love to cook and eat good food. In addition to the recipes I collect through the Internet, I also create quite a few dishes myself. Check out my growing list of recipes and custom creations.

I am currently creating and collecting recipes that can be cooked in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) with fewer ingredients and without an oven. You can find all of the recipes and hints including my electronic cookbook at This style of cooking is necessary when you travel in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) like my 21 foot Roadtrek™ camper van.

My Thoughts

The big topic of conversation at work on New Year's eve was what are you doing to celebrate tonight? Why is one night of the year more important than all the others? Doesn't each day bring a chance to put away the regrets and mistakes of the past and start over again with a clean slate and new plans for the future? The old saying today is the first day of the rest of your life applies to each day, not just one day at the start of each year.

Some people appear to put a lot of time and effort into thinking up resolutions for each new year. Sometimes the resolutions are new, but many of them are the recycled from last year. What happened to those resolutions made last year?

Maybe this year it would be good to look at every day as the start of a new year complete with all of the unfinished resolutions carried over from previous years. With all of the renewed effort in those resolutions every day, maybe we might have a better chance to accomplish them.

Nobody really knows when they will die, so why not focus on the small things we can improve today?

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