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In August of 2000 I was very fortunate, after years of very hard work, to be able to afford a new Roadtrek™ 200 Popular. This is a small 21 foot long conversion van that exists in that rare place between the SUV I drive every day and the big lumbering boxes on wheels normally known as recreational vehicles. This allows my method of travel to be a whole lot more spontanious and free-spirited than I could have ever imagined before I bought it. We can literally choose at every fork in the road which path to take. At every rest stop along the highway we choose if we want to be a car or a truck.

I used to keep a map of the United States on the side of my Roadtrek where we added stickers for each of the states we visited in the van. So far we have visited almost all of the lower 48. We are only missing Road Island, Deleware, and New Jersey, but hope to visit those states sometime in the future.

I am still gathering and organizing a lot of the details, helpful hints and pictures from our trips around this beautiful country. I hope to include things here on this site that I would liked to have known before I started this new life of travel. Please keep checking back to see what I have added recently.

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